PlayStation 5 Slim model sounds much less clunky

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Holding a PlayStation 5 requires a certain level of strength. They are chunky things – I can attest – but for a few months now, it’s been rumoured that a brand new lighter PS5 model could be on the way.

It’s believed that Sony is working on a version featuring a detachable disc drive. Currently, Sony produces two entirely different versions of the console – the digital-only and the disc drive version. The idea of the detachable disc drive is that everyone would be the same base console, reducing production costs. It’s something that’s yet to be confirmed by Sony though. Lighter versions of the PS5 have been spotted out in the wild though so we know something is happening behind the scenes, which makes this latest rumour all the more intriguing.

We’re days away from the release of PlayStation exclusive God Of War Ragnarök. Take a look at the trailer below.

Word is that Sony is working on a PlayStation 5 Slim model. A source reportedly told The Leak that the new design could launch as soon as next year. The updated PS5 is thought to feature “a new design with a significant change to its exterior.” It would use a die-shrink treatment which “reduces the size of the console, enough to validate a new design by Sony.”

This means the console will be more lightweight and cooler. According to The Leak, Sony are also hoping that the new console won’t require a stand when lying down which suggests that the current PS5’s white cover plates may be changing dramatically. The PS5 seems to be one of those love/hate designs. It may be chunky but I’ve got to admit, I’m a big fan.

It wouldn’t be the first time that Sony has released a Slim version – far from it, in fact. The PlayStation 4 Slim released in September 2016, just under three years after the PS4’s release. We’re days away from the PS5’s second birthday so whilst we should take this Slim rumour with a pinch of salt, the release of such a console next year would fit with Sony’s patterns.

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