New Coin Pokemon From Scarlet & Violet Appears in Pokemon GO

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Pokemon GO is once again leaking a new Pokemon early, with a strange coin-wielding creature appearing before the release of Scarlet & Violet.

Ahead of the Pokemon Scarlet & Violet release date, we’ve got a brand-new Pokemon making an appearance. Making its debut in Pokemon GO, the new Gen 9 creature holds a coin and is rumored to be quite the rare catch.

What Is the New Coin Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

A new datamine by datamining group PokeMiners has uncovered a never-seen-before Pokemon from Gen 9 whose name is unknown and currently follows players after spinning a Gold PokeStop.

Full 3D assets of the Scarlet & Violet Pokemon appear in the Pokemon GO files, revealing it to be a small blue humanoid with round yellow eyes and bug-like antennae, wearing a coin on its back.

Despite not many fans noticing it, the creature actually first appeared in the Farigiraf Scarlet & Violet reveal trailer. It can be seen over the trainer’s right shoulder in the clip below.

What Is the Coin Pokemon’s Name?

Right now, we don’t have any indication of an official name for the Coin Pokemon, which is simply referred to as ‘pmMystery’ in the Pokemon GO files.

We also know that it appears to be Pokemon number 1080, meaning you won’t find it until a fair way into the Scarlet & Violet Pokedex.

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Can You Catch the Coin Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

So far, no, there is no way to currently catch the Coin Pokemon in Pokemon GO. However, its presence in the game files suggests that it will be obtainable very soon.

We expect it to be similar to the Pokemon Meltan, which initially appeared in Pokemon GO as a surprise teaser before the launch of Gen 7’s Let’s Go Pikachu / Eevee.

Update – The Coin Pokemon is now appearing for players in some regions after spinning a Gold PokeStop and getting a mysterious coin. However, there is still no way to catch it.

The Pokemon will appear after players spin a new Golden PokeStop and get a mysterious coin.

These PokeStops should arrive sometime after the conclusion of this weekend’s Dratini Community Day Classic.

After that point, the creature will begin following the player around, though it is unobtainable for now.

How to Catch the Coin Pokemon in Scarlet & Violet

According to a leak by reliable leaker Riddler_Khu, way back in August, the Coin Pokemon is difficult to catch in Scarlet & Violet. The leaker likened it to catching Spiritomb in Pokemon Legends: Arceus, a feat that required players to discover all 107 wisps around the game’s open world.

It’s likely that the Coin Pokemon will therefore have a similar requirement, with trainers collecting items from around the world before encountering it.

Once Pokemon Scarlet & Violet launches, we’ll have a guide to catching the Coin Pokemon to help you get it in your team.

In the meantime, this isn’t the only new creature leaking ahead of Gen 9’s launch. After all, we currently have 72 leaked Pokemon from Scarlet & Violet here.

But for those that don’t want spoilers, here’s a recap of all officially revealed Pokemon coming to Gen 9.

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