Elden Ring datamine unearths potential new DLC additions

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Elden Ring DLC could be coming soon after a recent datamine uncovered new details that suggest FromSoftware might be adding new weapons, bosses, and more.

Considering Elden Ring‘s sweeping success, DLC is surely inevitable at this point. However, FromSoftware has yet to say anything about new content for the game. Now, Twitter user Sekiro Dubi (via Reddit), who has been digging around in Elden Ring’s files following the game’s recent 1.07 update, claims to have found some very interesting titbits that hint at the possibility of Elden Ring DLC.

Elden Ring DLC could be coming soon as evidence mounts

Sekiro Dubi claims to have found references in files relating to new hair cosmetics, six new unnamed weapon categories, a new colosseum map, 16 NPC entries labelled as “Someone Yet Unseen,” and 30 boss flags “for DLC purposes.” While the thought of 30 new bosses sounds either amazing or incredibly daunting, Sekiro Dubi notes that just because there is space for 30, it doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll get that many.

Players have been speculating about The Colosseum after a hidden area was found in Elden Ring shortly after the game’s launch. Many speculate it will be used for a new PvP mode, and it seems Sekiro Dubi has found even more evidence suggesting new PvP content is coming — text banners that read “You Win,” “You Lose,” “Draw,” and “Begin Match” were seemingly uncovered after the game’s latest update.

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