PSVR2 Has Another Game Confirmed for Launch Day

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I wouldnt hold out for a free beatsaber update.
Quest 2 buyers buying the game on the occulus store have to make two seperate versions for the standaalone (quest 2 version) and the tethered version (PC/rift version)

Why this is significant is that other developers have been crossbuy (like in my eyes the superior synth riders)
So if Facebook……the owners of the Quest/Occulus store and beatsaber wont give its own customers a free cross buy (despite owning all parties involved).
Id say the chance of getting a free Beatsaber update for the PSVR2 will be minimal……..unless Sony steps in to offer an incentive
……… (Which they may due to the pooularity of beatsaber)

Personally on topic…..Ive been on the fence with swordsman VR being what I understand to be a wave based sword fighting. (i dont like the repetition of wave based shooters generally so had the same feeling about swordsman vr)
However Ive also read they have be constantly tinkering away at the title and recently done an big rework of the combat. (I respect the commitment of the developers)
Whilst the time events both appeal to me (new weapons that play unique as rewards) but put me off…….FOMO.
The fact that Ive missed years of events that I dont know if they ever repeat is whats stopping me from buying it.
One day Ill look into it which will be the deciding factor if I buy it or not (if all events become avaliable all year round or at least historic events)

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