DJI Mavic 3 Classic Active Track Sports Review: Highspeed Versus a Tree

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Just a quick note that I’ve published a fun long-form, basically unedited, cycling test ride video with the newly announced DJI Mavic 3 Classic and its autonomous follow-me Active Track mode, up on YouTube. After the first 2-3 minutes of explaining some pro tips on setting up Active Track and such, I begin cycling. First, I start easy in more open areas, before taking it through some tree tunnels and more complex terrain, then I kick it up a notch and try and outrun…errr…outride, the drone. All of which (temporarily) ends when the drone tries to inspect a tree at high-speed, without stopping.

This video is a bit different than some of my other Active Track ones, mainly because I’ve left it almost entirely unedited from start to finish. You’re along for the ride with me as I live-narrate what’s happening in real-time, why it’s happening, and my also-unedited thoughts on it. I thought it was fun, ideally you will too.

Simply hit the play button above to watch the full video. Alternatively, if you want even more entertainment, here’s my 70KPH wind video with it, shot earlier that same day, you’ll find that below. The winds were the most epic winds I’ve ever dared to fly a drone in.

I’ll have a full in-depth review/video written up sometimes soonish, that covers all the features more broadly. Just a wee bit backlogged lately. Though the TLDR version is simply that it’s just like the previous Mavic 3 units, minus the telephoto lens. For the price, it’s arguably the best all-around drone you can buy, but isn’t the best from a sports standpoint. For that, it’d be either the Skydio 2+, or the DJI Mini 3 Pro, depending on what exactly you value. Heck, I’ve even got a video on that here.

With that, thanks for watching!

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